Final Blog Post

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The end is finally here and now it’s time to remember everything I learned in this class. in this CT101 class I learned to make my own gif, use the panoramic setting on my phone, make a vapor wave, and use photoshop. I used to think that photoshop would be very hard but it’s really not. It’s a bit confusing at first but once you get the hang of it then it becomes fun and useful. I also learned different ways to be creative and to share things I find amazing. What grade have I earned? Well, I think I earned an A- in the class because I completed my work and went to class. I didn’t participate and I was absent a few times. What I enjoyed about this class was playing technology which we use everyday. I never thought I would make my own gif and now I can which is exciting. The way I will apply my new skills into the world would be teaching my friends the things I have learned in this class. I don’t think I will keep my website because there is a lot of time that is put into maintaining a website. It is hard work and I won’t be sharing anything else after this. 

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Happy Bikini Bottom Sticker by Nickelodeon

Cold weather

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Some of my fiends love the cold weather but I don’t. I can’t wait for spring to come back. During spring and summer time there is no need for big heavy jackets. Although they aren’t needed for fall either, I don’t like fall because after fall is winter. I love the new years and Christmas as well because it is the end of the year and a start of a new one. It somewhat motivates people to start the year better than the one before, gives us motivation to complete things we haven’t done, and also motivates us become a better versions of ourselves. I am excited for winter to be over because I don’t like jackets they are just so big and annoying. My hands are always full carrying my hat, scarf, and jacket. 

Christmas shopping

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Who’s excited for Christmas? I know I am.  It’s time to start shopping for presents. I find it both fun and stressful because it’s fun shopping even though it’s not for me. It can be stressful though because everyone has one person who is so hard to find the right present. I already know I’m going to have trouble with one of my friends. He is not picky or anything, it’s just that he doesn’t show much emotions for things which is hard to figure out what he likes and dislikes. He says he doesn’t have a favorite color which  some might it’s easy to fins a gift but for me it actually makes it difficult because I don’t know where to start. I also don’t know if he will like it or not.  I’m starting early this year so my stress level will be lower. I can’t wait to start shopping. 

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Dogs vs Cats

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I love dogs, they are so cute and fun to be around. Cats are cute as well but I find them boring most of the time.  I find cats scary too because sometimes they stare without showing any emotion so it makes me think that they are going to attack any moment. I feel like cats don’t always want to be around humans. Dogs are fun and annoying too. I love my dog. I love the way he runs to me every time I get back home. So far he understands some words in both English and Spanish. I want to teach him more but it’s going to take time. 


This picture took place in Guatemala. I was able to go last year and it was very beautiful. There are many volcanoes but the good thing is that not all of them contain lava. I think it was this year that there was a volcano eruption in which many people died.  It was all over the news. Those people who survived the lava might be traumatized by the experience. It must be terrifying to live near a volcano containing lava. That is one of the things that scare me in Guatemala. Another thing is that the night gets very scary because there are many places where there are no street lights and everything look pitch black. Overall, it is a beautiful place. 

College and Food

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When you are a college student you always have something to do. It is stressful being a college student and it’s worse when that student also works. I felt like this semester was extremely stressful for me because I worked and went to school on the same days. Once class was over I would quickly gather my belongings and walk out the door. I never stayed past class time because I had to go buy food and eat before leaving to work. It is important to eat because our brain needs recharge in order to keep working on that paper.  Although all my classes were electives, I found this semester to be the hardest out of all my semester. I was literally always stressed out and had only one day off. At first I was using my day off for homework but then I started using it to sleep in. My advice to other students is, don’t work unless you have to and if you do make sure you have a balance between the two. 

Semester is almost over

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The first week of school has become the last week. I’m so excited to finish this semester because I will finally be done with school. At first I felt this semester was going so slow. My friend had times where she felt like dropping out but I encouraged her to keep going. Now the end is so close yet so far. Why would it be far? Well, finals week are a kill. There are professors who give more work to complete before the final, work that hasn’t been handed in, and of course the final exam. After this semester, I won’t continue my degree until next year. I want to take a break from stress for a while and I feel like i’ve deserved it. We have all been in school since we were kids and now it’s finally over. A BA in Psychology is fine for me, for now.