Thanksgiving weekend

For the Thanksgiving weekend I drove to Connecticut. I took some pictures but I didn’t like them as much as these. These two picture were taken on our way back home. My mom decided to take pictures of the sky because she said it looked beautiful the way the light comes out. I drove all the way to Boston black in May. I was exhausted and I’m starting to miss being the passenger in a car. Now I’m usually always driving. Although I don’t have a car yet, I drive my dad’s car and take my mom to errands because she doesn’t know how to drive. Sometimes I take turns with my friend driving somewhere but she doesn’t like driving in the highway which means I drive through the highway.

Can you find it?

Last weekend a few people that I know got married. I was looking through my picture and I forgot that I took a panoramic picture. I find this picture funny because at the end of the picture my hand started shaking a little which made one of the guests look different. love how the flowers came out. It’s nice how the flowers stand out from the picture. The bride let us take the flowers if we wanted so I took the flowers home.

My motivation today


I have told myself that I was going to enroll to a gym but I haven’t done so. My friends were going to the gym every week and they motivated me to go with them but my laziness got the best of me. I’ll try to enroll to one next year because now I just want to enjoy the good food, hot chocolate, and movies. At the beginning of this year I was playing soccer with my friends every Sunday and every other Friday. It’s kinda funny because I stopped going and then a month later they stopped as well. Hopefully we will get back on track this coming year. I will be a motivation for them just like this gif was a motivation for me.

Talented Pup

One night I was stressed so I decided to practice a bit of piano. I was playing River Flows in You by Yiruma, my dog was sitting beside me. He kept staring at me so I asked him what was wrong but he kept staring at me which started to creep me out. So then I had an idea to take a picture of him which seemed as if he as playing the keyboard. My sister came to the room while I was taking the pictures and when she saw him she started cracking up. I decided to share this here because this can put a smile on anyones face the way it did to my sister and I.

Selena Gomez

I didn’t think it was going to be so complicated to animate from scratch. It took me a few tries to get this result but it was fun. I chose Selena Gomez because I love her voice and her strength. Lupus did not stop her from creating more beautiful music. I will definitely create more animated gifs in the future.

Vapor Wave

At first I found this very confusing, for ever step I had to ask for help. I started to get the hang of it when we started layering out the pictures to create the vapor wave. My finished content was weird but the process was fun.

Music makes me happy

Music is a beautiful way to express our mood. It makes me happy because I get to express what I feel in the time of the moment. If I want to be annoying then I will grab the aux chord and play Taylor Swift while cracking up and hearing my friend begging me to change the song.

I play songs by Adele when I think I could sing.

The list could go on.

When I have free time I start practicing the piano. I love playing classical music even though I don’t know much.

Hopefully I get to learn the guitar in the future.