College and Food

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When you are a college student you always have something to do. It is stressful being a college student and it’s worse when that student also works. I felt like this semester was extremely stressful for me because I worked and went to school on the same days. Once class was over I would quickly gather my belongings and walk out the door. I never stayed past class time because I had to go buy food and eat before leaving to work. It is important to eat because our brain needs recharge in order to keep working on that paper.  Although all my classes were electives, I found this semester to be the hardest out of all my semester. I was literally always stressed out and had only one day off. At first I was using my day off for homework but then I started using it to sleep in. My advice to other students is, don’t work unless you have to and if you do make sure you have a balance between the two. 

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