Do you play any sports?

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I am involved in a soccer team and I have been a team member for about three years. I have always loved and preferred volleyball over soccer but the reason I am in soccer is that of my friends. They were the ones who introduced soccer to me. They don’t love volleyball like I do but they play with me once in a while. I used to be very shy but I have been getting out of my shell ever since I got on the soccer team. I play defense on the team and when I started there were about twenty-four girls on the team. When we don’t play against other teams so we play against each other. Our coach is a man who is in mid-forties. He’s the kind of guy that puts a smile on your face. At each practice, we have always been laughing and having fun. He loves to laugh at us when we make mistakes and fall. This would be what makes him a good leader, he doesn’t make us feel bad for our mistakes. He tells us what we did wrong on the field and gives us tips on how to improve. At our recent practice, at the end of the game, the coach called us over and we all sat in a circle. He corrected each one of our mistakes and said not to stress out because it is just a game. He has always confronted us in a respectful manner and expected the same respect. We respect our coach and listen to whatever he has to say. Although he is funny, he becomes very strict when he gets angry but the only times he gets angry is when someone doesn’t treat him or some other team member with respect. My position on the field is also defense but lately, I have been slacking. I am absent from practice sometimes and have become lazy as well. I have improved greatly since the day a started. When I started to play soccer I remember missing every single ball that came my way.


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