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The end is finally here and now it’s time to remember everything I learned in this class. in this CT101 class I learned to make my own gif, use the panoramic setting on my phone, make a vapor wave, and use photoshop. I used to think that photoshop would be very hard but it’s really not. It’s a bit confusing at first but once you get the hang of it then it becomes fun and useful. I also learned different ways to be creative and to share things I find amazing. What grade have I earned? Well, I think I earned an A- in the class because I completed my work and went to class. I didn’t participate and I was absent a few times. What I enjoyed about this class was playing technology which we use everyday. I never thought I would make my own gif and now I can which is exciting. The way I will apply my new skills into the world would be teaching my friends the things I have learned in this class. I don’t think I will keep my website because there is a lot of time that is put into maintaining a website. It is hard work and I won’t be sharing anything else after this. 

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